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Air Canada App Redesign

Redesign of the Air Canada App

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The design challenge was to do a redesign of a task in the Air Canada mobile app. A heuristic evaluation was done on the existing design of the app. Based on these findings, recommendations were suggested and incorporated into the final redesigns. 



The major design constraint was retaining the branding and visual identity of Air Canada. In keeping consistency with the original brand values, the goal was to redesign the app such that the user experience is improved without threatening the integrity of the existing designs.



To book a trip as a guest user



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Jakob Nielsen's 10 general principles for interaction design are called "heuristics" because they are broad rules of thumb and not specific usability guidelines. The mobile app was assessed based on these principles. 



The home screen needs to be improved with a clear hierarchy of information and minimalistic aesthetic design without competing elements and irrelevant information.

There needs to be an on-boarding process to welcome and introduce the user to the Air Canada experience. The user can preferably put in log in details or continue as the guest at the beginning of the interaction to increase efficiency and cater to the needs of each individual user.

User should be able to edit their flight details once they have been inputted at a later stage, and they should also be able to save their details. They should be allowed more control and freedom like being allowed to reset and delete information at ease.

The Sort and Filter menu should have more options and should be clearly labelled. The design could benefit from reworking the navigation and hierarchy of information to be more user-friendly.



Screen 1: Onboarding

The redesign has an on-boarding process which was not there in the existing design. There is also a clear distinction between the different user flows in the beginning of the app itself such as that of a new user and guest user, with the option to register.

Screen 2: Home Screen

This is the home screen of the app which uses minimalistic and aesthetic design principles to establish a clear hierarchy of information. There is also quick access to important features such as flight status.

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Screen 3: Search Flights

There is clear nomenclature and visual iconography to support the menu bar. The global navigation is defined and positioned in a relevant place. There are more options provided to search for flights. The focus is on a clean interface with sufficient negative space between the various elements. 

Screen 4: Departure Flight Details

The user is kept updated about previous information input such as flight details. They can now use recognition rather than recall due to visibility of status. There is is the use of visual elements to reduce the feeling of text heaviness. The Sort By and Filter option has been named appropriately to maintain a match between system and the real world. 


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