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Facebook Gift Mobile App Design

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Facebook Gift Shop was an online shop within Facebook that sold small kitschy gifts like teddy bears, wine, chocolate, and cards from companies like Starbucks, Target, Olive Garden, and iTunes. It was shut down in 2014 due to it being a commercial failure. Facebook's key value proposition is the consolidation of a global network and the knowledge gathered from deeply understanding their user's interests, wants, and needs. However, Gifts was a dismal failure because whatever Facebook might know about its users, the information wasn't effectively used in the programming behind Gifts. This project is a speculative one to relaunch the Facebook Gift shop as an e-commerce platform with renewed features.



Revamp the Facebook Gift feature by accessing Facebook's data and streamlining decision-making to suggest the best gift recommendations. Design constraints include maintaining consistency with the Facebook branding and visual identity. 



The core interaction is to purchase a recommended gift for Roxy. The redesign aims to take advantage of the social network and optimise the gift giving process. It provides recommendations based on Facebook's data, users' hobbies and interests, effective filtering systems, and suggestions by friends. The user can select a variety of gifting options from online vendors including gift items, E-cards, and redeemable codes. Users can also access occasion specific services, personalised alternatives, and a range of delivery options such as home or work addresses, email inboxes, and Facebook messenger.

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The Facebook Gift feature has a lot of potential. People on Facebook constantly ask for advice from friends on what to see on their next trip to New York or Toronto, which restaurant to eat at, the best songs they're listening to on Spotify, but the consolidation of this kind of thing only theoretically exists. 

For example, If I knew my friend Tania wanted to see The Shape of Water, it would be nice to surprise her with tickets or issue a download code for it. This gift would be more personal than a generic iTunes gift card. An e-card could be sent when the code is redeemed saying something something like, "I'm glad you had a chance to watch the movie. I hope you had a great birthday!" Facebook could also offer a food-delivery gift card to one of Tania's favourite restaurants. Not only could Facebook Gift remind you to send something nice to the people you care about, it could also use its knowledge about its user base in an effective manner. 

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You can view the interactive prototype by clicking here: