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Selected Projects

Client and Independent Projects


QueerEdge (Feature Editor)  2016

Edited a feature documentary that recontextualised the historical gay liberation movement within a modern era discourse, directed by York University Professor Nick Mule. (To be screened at *Inside Out* Festival, Toronto)

Sangini (Feature Editor)  2015

Edited a feature length documentary concerning LGBT rights in India, directed by award-winning filmmaker and activist, Nancy Nicol. (Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival: Premiere)

Paws For Autism (Feature Co-Editor)  2014

Co-edited a feature length documentary for ANIMAL PLANET  for Canadian national broadcast, about autistic children and service dogs with multi-Gemini award winning Canadian editor, Nick Hector.

Assistant Editor  2013
52 Media

Assisted DGE, CCE, Gemini award-winning Canadian editor, NICK HECTOR.
Assisted on the documentary, Secret Trial Five *Hot Docs Festival 2014*.
Assisted on War Story Series, History Channel. 


Film and Video Reel (Directing, Cinematography, and Editing)




Familiar (Director, Cinematographer, Editor)  2015

Shot in Kaifeng, this documentary short is an authentic attempt to explore Chinese familial values at the grassroots level. This production was funded by the Chinese government under the Looking China project.

The Way of the Drum (Director)  2012

A documentary short, which rediscovers the spirit of Native American culture in contemporary times. Screened at the International Diaspora Film festival. 

Behind the Canvas (Director, Cinematographer)  2011

A documentary short that showcases the world of Art Brut through the perspective of Outsider artists, often marginalised by society due to mental health issues. 


The Neoist (Director, Cinematographer) 2011

An experimental piece on the eccentric and controversial artist, Istvan Kantor, founder of the Neoism movement and winner of Governor General's award. 

Ubermensch (Director)  2011

An alternative short about Friedrich Nietzsche’s concept of the Overman, from the philosophical text, Thus Spake Zarathustra.